What’s the Worst of This Election?


Sadly, the worst part of this election is not the choice between Trump and Clinton (even though this is the most disagreeable choice in all the years I’ve been voting for president).

Unfortunately, we cannot blame this horrible choice on the Republican and Democrat parties or on the current government.   The choice between Trump and Clinton is not a bad decision foisted upon us by someone else.

In America, anyone who meets the constitutional qualifications for president can declare his or her intention to run.  In fact, 17 Republicans and 5 Democrats did just that.  Through a lengthy process of primary elections and caucuses, the field was narrowed to 1 Republican, Donald Trump, and 1 Democrat, Hillary Clinton.  And just who did the winnowing?  The voters, that’s who!  Yes, it was the majority vote of our peers that has given us this horrible choice.

Are the American voters so uninformed?

So unknowledgeable?

So easily fooled?

 To me, the gullibility or foolishness of American voters is the worst part of this election! You see, we may be rid of Trump or Clinton in 4 years.  But we have to deal with the American voting public each and every election!  Will they (we) recognize the error of their (our) ways?  Will they (we) pick better choices next time around?  And if they (we) don’t –What will be the consequences to us all?

It seems that Samuel Adams, one of America’s Founders, foresaw this day: “If ever time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin.”

Will you rise to the occasion? Are you willing to become part of an informed, knowledgeable, and wise voting public — in other words, a modern day patriot?  Our country’s future is at stake!


2 thoughts on “What’s the Worst of This Election?

  1. gidzmo

    I think, Penny, that some are also influenced by what the candidate promises.

    Remember Obamacare? We were promised “keep your doctor”, “keep your plan”, and that the premiums would not go up “one thin dime”. But we have seen the opposite.

    It even happens in the state elections. We were told back when the sales-tax increase was on the ballot that it would sunset in 2018. Now we have a ballot measure that would make it part of the state Constitution because the wealthiest need (another 2010 buzzword) “to pay their fair share”.


  2. Penny Post author

    Yes, candidate promises totally influence voters. But that also proves my point: it is the voters who have brought us these candidates. We can’t blame them on being foisted on us by special interests or by someone beyond ourselves. Even primaries are important elections and we, as a whole, need to make better voting decisions overall!



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