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So Many Homeschool Conventions – So Little Time!

training-iconAs the number of homeschooling families continues to rise, so do the number of homeschool conventions. I’m aware of at least 4 of them in Southern California over the next 5 months. Since I’m a great believer in free-market economics, I love to have these choices available. But I also know that too many choices can be overwhelming. Here is my short and easy guide to the 2015 SoCal homeschool conventions. Deadlines for early bird pricing and early registration bonuses are quickly approaching. Continue reading

Why I’m Going to the CHEA Convention and Why You Should Too!

What are you doing May 29th-31st? I’ll be at the CHEA (Christian Home Educators Association of AC14_Side_AdCalifornia) Convention at the Disneyland Hotel. I hope you’ll join me there for information, inspiration, and fellowship.

Details on the Convention can be found at the CHEA website. Take advantage of the pre-registration discount by signing up no later than midnight, April 21st.

If you’re just thinking about homeschooling, there’s a great FREE mini-conference for new homeschoolers on Thursday evening , May 29th. Sessions include Just the Facts M’am: Homeschooling Works, Introduction to Home Education, and you’ll get to visit the Exhibit Hall as well. Other sessions throughout the conference that I’d recommend are My Journey Out of the Government Schools and into the Joy of Home/Life Education, Homeschooling: Essential to the Natural Family, Building Strong Families through Christian Homeschooling, and many more.

If you’re new to homeschooling, useful sessions include Getting Started, Keeping First Things First, How to Determine Your Child’s Learning Style, Making Curriculum Choices, Recordkeeping and Lesson Planning, and many more.

AheadGiftBasketIf you don’t think you can afford to homeschool, check out these sessions: When is Enough Enough?, Get Right on the Money, and Five Ways to Make Money in the New Online World.

If you’ve been homeschooling FOREVER (at least it seems that way!), you might want to attend Why You Should Continue to Homeschool, Preparing for High School, Not Necessarily College Bound, Time Management for Parents and Teens, How to Teach Biblical Worldview Thinking All Day, and many more. Continue reading

Time for Another Convention

The 30th Christian Home Educators Convention

This weekend is CHEA’s Annual Convention in Southern California.  I’m looking forward to being back at the Disneyland Hotel, which is where I attended my first ever homeschool convention.  I still remember the sense of awe when I realized how many other people homeschooled and the feeling of being totally overwhelmed as I attempted to look at curriculum.  Multiply that by 10 (at least) to get a sense of what a modern day homeschool convention looks like!

Details about this convention can be found at

Great suggestions about getting the most out of a convention and alleviating some of the overload sensation can be found at

Why attend a convention in the first place?  Check out my blog post from April 9th:

I’m teaching 2 workshops on Saturday:  “Recordkeeping Simplified” and “You CAN Teach Preschool at Home!”  Whether you attend my sessions or some of the others, I’m sure you’ll be blessed and encouraged as there are some wonderful speakers and seminars available.  Let’s pray for God to move mightily at this convention!  Hope to see you there!

Homeschool Convention — Here I Come!

I’ll be attending my first homeschool convention of the year this weekend.  It’s CHEA’s Bay Area Convention in Santa Clara, my first time at a CHEA (Christian Home Educators Association of California) event in Northern California.  Convention details available at

Whether this is your first year homeschooling or your twenty-first, I encourage you to attend a convention every year that you possibly can.  Looking at sample pages of curriculum over the Internet doesn’t begin to compare with the opportunity to speak with the author of the book.  Struggling through teaching a particular topic can feel so isolating — until you attend a workshop at a convention and discover 50 other people also struggling in the same area.  The encouragement and support you will gain in a day or two of convention attendance can last you through an entire school year of ups and downs.

For more information on the homeschool conventions and conferences sponsored by AHEAD (American Home Education and Discipleship), see “What Are AHEAD Conferences?” by Mary Ann Eagleson at

German Homeschooling Family — What Difference does it make to me?

You may have heard of the Romeike family in the news.  They’re the family who had to leave Germany in order to keep homeschooling their children.  They are seeking asylum in the United States.  To learn more of their situation, see

Michael Farris of HSLDA will argue their case before an appellate court on April 23rd.  What difference does that case mean to us?  Should it matter to us if they are sent back to Germany?

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Reflections on 25 years at Hope Chapel Academy

Originally published in Hope Chapel Academy’s 25th Anniversary souvenir program, May 2012

The Rosses began homeschooling during Academy’s first year in 1987.  Joe was an excited kindergartener while Amy attempted to keep up, though only a toddler.  Andy was making his presence known by the morning sickness which kept me in the bathroom during most of our first Academy Days (now known as EXTRAs Day).  After that difficult first year, it’s amazing that we kept homeschooling!  But even then, we were beginning to glimpse the fruit as we all learned to integrate our faith and real-life into our academic studies.  As the years passed, homeschooling turned into an integral part of our family life together.

Though my children have all now graduated, it has been a privilege to continue working at Hope Chapel Academy.  I love the opportunities to watch you teach and disciple your children as they grow up.  I am thankful for the support and encouragement I received from this program and I’m so grateful for the freedom we have to homeschool in our state and country today.  May God continue to bless and guide us as we raise up succeeding generations to glorify Him!


What is CHEA and Why Do We Need It?

Originally published in The Hope-Full Homeschooler, April-May 2012

           Your homeschool rights and much of the support you get in homeschooling is the fruit of the hard work of three different organizations: Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA), Family Protection Ministries (FPM), and Christian Home Educators Association of California (CHEA).  The quiet one of the trio is CHEA.  They are content to work in the background, so many of you do not know what they do and how they bless us.

            I recently asked one of our moms what she would do if asked about homeschooling by someone beginning to consider it.  Without hesitating, she said she’d tell her to call me.  Besides my own experiences homeschooling my kids and learning by the seat of my pants, do you know where I get most of my information?  It is from the 2-3 homeschool leader events each year that I go too.  And guess who sponsors those events?  CHEA!

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Homeschool Conventions – Why and Which One?

Originally published in The Hope-Full Homeschooler, February-March 2012

I encourage you to attend a homeschooling convention each year that you can.  When my children were little, I had to skip attendance some years due to tight finances or difficulties securing childcare.  Invariably those were also the years that I just didn’t feel ready to start schooling again in the fall.  Something was missing!  Attending a convention is more than just shopping for curriculum or listening to speakers.  Just being around several thousand other parents who have chosen to make some of the same sacrifices you have is such an inspiration and encouragement — similar to the way going to church can give you the extra boost needed to keep focusing on the Lord throughout a tough week.

There used to be only one convention in town – the annual CHEA Convention.  Now, other organizations sponsor conventions throughout the state, including a new one in Long Beach in May 2012.  So you have choices.  Choose which one you want to go to this year by looking over the speakers and workshops to find those which most clearly meet the needs of your family, as well as considering the date, location, and price of the convention.

But, don’t stop there!  There is one more important item to consider.

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