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Your First Week of Homeschooling — Was it the Perfect Storm?

storm-cabinAre you feeling horrible about your first week of emergency homeschooling? Was it frightful, frustrating, fractious, or all of the above? But let’s ask the key question:

Are your children still alive today?

If so, then stop – breathe – and relax for a moment! You’ve survived an extremely difficult week in 21st Century history! The process may not have been pretty, but give yourself some grace for the simple fact that the little humans are still breathing.

However if we take a more realistic look at the past week, then we’ll realize that the difficulties are not all due to homeschooling and that it’s not all YOUR fault! It’s been the perfect storm of childrearing and homeschooling and more! Continue reading

5 Tips for Homeschool Temps!

Perhaps you’ve watched from afar when family or friends began teaching their own children at home and thought, “I could NEVER do that!”  Yet thanks to school closures resulting from the coronavirus, you have found yourself doing exactly that!

I’ve been homeschooling my own children and working with other homeschooling families for over 30 years.  Let me offer some tips to help you through these next few weeks: Continue reading